Initiated-by-members Research Projects
Research and study projects are carried out by the institute on the topics selected by members themselves. Through these Initiated-by-members research projects, central and local governments set up public programs to realize some results of research.

Contracted Research Projects
The institute also undertakes various contract-basis research and study projects for the governmental agencies, local governments and other organizations. Technical and policy trend studies, market projection, coastal development and management planning, project creation and proposal, and other themes are included.

Other Sponsored Research Projects
Some research projects are promoted partly supported in finance by governmental or quasi-governmental organizations, and topics are decided by consultation with those sponsoring bodies.

Development Activities
To make ocean and coastal business active, technological research and development, field demonstration and pilot projects are executed.

Offering opportunities to members to have a first-hand information through lectures by various experts on timely topics, covering every field of ocean development.

Ocean Economics Review
"RIOE News and Report", in Japanese, provides qualified study reports, important information and data, and results of routine research to members, obtaining high reputation as a "must" among ocean-related communities.

Website / E-mail news
Scope of activities and outline of performed studies are presented, along with clip service on marine related news stories of local papers and monthly e-mail news.

Other Services
ESmall workshops and group discussions among member companies.
EArranging and coordinating technical visit and inspection tour.
ETechnical consultation and other information service.

Information exchange with foreign research institutions
Organizing inspection tours abroad and participating in various international conferences, symposiums and seminars
Exchange of information and views on ocean development with distinguished foreign institutions, researchers and experts
MTS (Marine Technology Society) liaison office in Japan