Japan, as a country surrounded by ocean, has been benefited from the ocean in various ways, including harvesting food, executing marine transportation and so on. Under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, we possess territorial sea and vast Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), which is approximately 4,470,000 km2 and ranked sixth in the world, and also it is about twelve times as large as our national land. It is becoming more significant for our nation to develop, use and preserve the ocean resources Nowadays, there are great changes in our marine circumstances, such as securing sea lanes, recovering and reconstructing from the Great East Japan Earthquake, strengthening protection against natural disasters, increasing interests in marine renewable energy and exploration and exploitation of deep-sea mineral resources in Japan's EEZ.

Research Institute for Ocean Economics, RIOE, is an industrial organization and has been performing various activities on oceans in regard to market trend survey, industrial promotions, project proposals and policy recommendations for more than forty years. The characteristics of RIOE are inter-disciplinary, inter-industrial sectors and crossing over the relevant governmental agencies. RIOE will aim to realize Japan as the Oceanic State through the basic principles of the Basic Act on Ocean Policy including sound development of ocean industries and promoting all sorts of marine related projects upon the basic measures of the Act. Moreover, we would like to make contribution to the growth of Japanfs economy and society and also to the coexistence of the oceans and mankind.
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